Mark of the Beast

It’s not uncommon to hear Christians theorize about what the mark of the beast will be. Technological advances relating to personal identification are common suspects.

Orginally posted 2/22/2005 on

I don’t know how the mark of the beast will manifest itself, but I do think that someone who takes it will know that in doing so they are renouncing Jesus. We are essentially already a cashless society. Cash is available, but it isn’t necessary. When I swipe a magnetic code in order to buy something, does the fact that it’s on my body versus on a plastic card make all the difference in the world?

Some will reject any type of implantable chip whatsoever. I haven’t decided yet if that is evil or just the next wave of technology and convenience. If you decide that it’s okay, where else are you going to put it besides your forehead or hand? It wouldn’t be very convenient to have to swipe your knee or your shoulder to buy something. At amusement parks, concerts, etc. where they stamp your hand to show that you paid admission, they always stamp the back of your hand. Is that the mark of the beast?