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With the new version of my website, I decided to try a photo sharing website, like Flikr, instead of just uploading photos to my own webspace.

Flikr is popular, and has some nice features; unlimited storage space is one big plus. However, the 100MB upload limit per month is annoying.

Zooomr could be good because they don’t have storage or upload limits. The downside is a complete lack of support and no integration with any desktop image organizers.

Google’s Picasa software is nice, and the Picasa web albums seem to work quite well. We’ll see how long it takes to hit the 1GB storage limit.

If your personal experience has led you to decide a particular photo sharing site works best, or a method of self-hosting works well, let me know.

Here are some wedding photos hosted on my Picasa web albums:

Sanctuary Seating Psychology Supposition

Okay, this is a dumb question, but I wonder if anyone else has ever had this conundrum.

Suppose you, an individual of the single variety, are walking into church. You’re fairly early, so there are lots of available seats. (Note: this is a Modern Church, so there are no pews; just individual seats lined up in rows and attached together at the sides.)

One of your friends is sitting in a row that is otherwise empty, so you go to join them. Now, the big question is, do you sit right next to them, or leave an empty seat (AKA, a “Bible Seat”) in between? If you are both male, there is no hesitation. Given that there are enough seats available, two or more males sitting “together” will leave an empty seat in between each occupied seat. This way there is no accidental touching; legs can be crossed, elbows moved about, etc, without bumping into each other. In contrast, two or more females sitting together will always sit in adjacent seats. The precise explanation for this is unknown, but some suspect it may be so whispering during the service is less noticeable.

But what if you are a male, and you’re getting ready to sit down by a female with whom you have a platonic friendship? You don’t want to seem aloof by creating an unnecessary distance between you, but on the other hand, you don’t want to give an impression that is unintended (by you) or unwelcomed (by her). It would be different if the row were already mostly full, but sitting side-by-side with no one else in the immediate vicinity might be awkward.

Am I alone in facing these life-altering quandaries? Is it all in my head, the result of my own insecurity, or have others been plagued by this as well? Any advice?

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Sometimes my dog runs and jumps on the deck, but he’s going too fast, so he slides, especially if there is ice or a thin layer or snow on the deck like right now because it’s been snowing, which really stinks because it’s March and I wish it would get warm so I can ride my motorcycle that I bought last October but didn’t get a chance to ride much before it started to get cold, except for New Years Eve when it was nice out so I took it out for a ride after I changed the stock muffler to a muffler intended for a Harley Sportster which I bought off eBay (the muffler, not a Sportster), but I only needed one muffler because my bike is a single cylinder, but I got two since Sportsters have two, so now I have an extra one that I need to sell, but I’ve been lazy and haven’t posted it yet, which is kind of weird because I spend a lot of time on the internet and I already have pictures of it so it wouldn’t be too hard to post it, but I guess part of my reluctance is that packaging it up and taking it to the post office is kind of a pain, so I’d rather just sell it or give it to someone local, but I don’t really know anybody who could use it, although there is a FreeCycle message board for offering things up for free that I tried to sign up for, but for some reason it didn’t work so I’ll have to try it again, and if it works I might also be able to get rid of an old printer that doesn’t work very well, but I hate to just throw it away, so maybe someone else might be interested in it if it’s free and all they have to do is replace the printhead, which I think may be the reason why it doesn’t print very well anymore, although it’s several years old and printer technology has advanced enough that for ~$50 you can get a pretty decent printer brand new, which is about what you have to pay for a new print head, so maybe I should just throw my old printer in the trash, although maybe it would be better to recycle it, but I’m not sure who recycles printers, and I don’t want to have to pay to recycle it, like I did with my old monitor that didn’t work, and I couldn’t find anyone who was interested in repairing it, and you’re not supposed to throw TV’s or monitors in the trash because of the lead in the CRT, so I had to pay $5 to dispose of it, which is lame, but I’ve paid over $5 to see a lame movie before, which is less entertaining than watching my dog slide across the deck, which is kind of funny, as long as he doesn’t hurt himself.

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