Dear Dave – Part 1

Laurance W. LongIn 1982, my grandfather responded to a letter from “Dave,” asking him to dispense some of his knowledge on monetary matters.  In upcoming posts, I will share portions of my grandfather’s response.  Here’s the intro:

February 5, 1982

Dear Dave,

From time to time a number of folk have suggested that I reduce to writing some of my views about money. The idea appealed to me, but I have always questioned my ability to produce quality material, from the standpoint of both content and expression. I’m no expert in money or writing.

However, your letter (with a $10 bill) has sort of put me on the spot. I can’t accept the $10 lest I then be under obligation to give value received. But neither can I just return the money and say, “Sorry, no dice.” At the very least, I ought to be willing to put some of my ideas on paper for a friend. So . . . here goes.

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